What happens when we hear this word. We tend to show an awkward expression and try to ignore it. We are aware of bits and pieces associated with this word. Lets take a look at the cruel reality of the society.

In India, rape is the most common crime against women. According to Criminal Law Act 2013; rape is defined as the “sexual harassment or doing sex with lady without her permission or forcefully imposing over her.” Official sources shows that rape cases in India have doubled in 2008 since 1990.

In most of the cases its observed the culprit is known to the victim i.e. either friends ,neighbours or relatives. The victims are unable to file a complaint against this act not only due to family and societal pressures but also due to the evil thinking of the society, that the girl is to be blamed for this act.

Even if out of all the hurdles girl lodges a complaint she has to re-live the whole incident in full detail that moment is not only depressing but also torturous to her.

Another problem is with the girl’s dressing. When she wears short dress it could be that she feels comfortable or want to try new fashion. But society thinks they wear such dresses to attract and excite men and that leads to rape but for society that’s not rape rather sex with mutual concept as she has herself invited men with such dressing.

There are many questions in my mind that I would like to ask the world:

  • Is it really the mistake of the girl (victim)?
  • Why she has to face all the humiliation throughout her life?
  • Why she is considered to be untouchable, sinful or impure?


This is the scenario in the country like India where the girl who is being raped is considered as impure and porn stars are welcomed in the country as celebrities.

People (the culprits ) who are involved in these cases are easily set free due to lack of evidence, their wealthy positions or political support. They are charged in the least cases but the one who has no fault is punished every day by the society for no reason.

“ The physical scars and pain of a rapist fades away with time but mental scars never does. And it is the society or rather it is ‘WE’ who makes it worse for them to survive in this world.




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