It is rightly said ,” sometimes you will never know the true value of a MOMENT until it becomes a MEMORY!”

School! By listening to this word I without thinking much imagines or recalls my school building , classes, punishments, bunks, exams etc . Though my school life has ended AND WHEN IT ENDED I HAD A MIXED FEELING . I was sad obviously but a bit happy because I was going to start a new phase of my life that is ‘my college life’. I have entered a new world in which I have come across tons of different people. If I talked about both my life together there are many things to compare, first and the most important thing is that college has ‘NO UNIFORMS’ we can wear whatever we want to. In school if anyone noticed it we eagerly wanted clock to strike 1:30 and we wanted to rush to our houses but in college we don’t even realize when the day has ended. In school we are bounded or restricted to a small world with guides who are there at each and every step we take, in college as we all know and have experienced that college is a huge world and we have to do things on our own. College has its own entertainment, no strictness as compare to school. It feels like we can do anything but not everything . In school its was our learning process but in college it is our training process , we have to think maturely about our career. College life is full of adventure but on the other hand a very crucial time for us. School friends were and are very unique and the bond between them is unexplainable, in college it seems lie everyone is our friend which is a bitter truth. Finding friends is easy but finding true friends is difficult. The best about college friends is they no longer stay friends they become family. I am blessed that I have found a family in my friends, although it’s a small family but better than the fake once. whenever I look back and recall all the memories of my school I always find my eyes glittering with tears of happiness . with all the restriction and strictness I feel my school life is the best, but I hope my college life will also end with memories which I can never forget. ‘Though each and every day of my life is memorable for me but still there are some unforgettable memories which would always be at the back of my head that is “my school days”.

  • Shubhanshi dimri


  1. U may meet tons of people but the school friends the real gems … N school days are really the best days of our life 😊😊😘😘 n I loved the way u have described things 🙂 keep it up … keep doing n keep writing !! well done 🙂


  2. Wow ! Good article. We proud of you shubhi and appreciate your writing skill. Keep it up. Need some more phrases and attractive lines to make article more impressive and heart touching. Any ways nice effort. God bless you.


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