Gender equality is the view that both men and women should receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against based on their gender. Their are separate issues when we say rights,in terms of men’s rights and women’s rights.Gender equality is achieved when women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society, including economic participation and decision-making. Gender equality is measured by looking at the representation of men and of women in a range of roles.  A number of international comparative gender equality indices have been prepared but here we are taking about India and what is the condition around. There are places where women are brutally beaten and are not cared of, but  we often listen about injustice to men, here of course we are not talking about the condition of houses where a wife is ruling a husband but a man going to prison without any faults.

Some argue that some gender equality measures, place men at a disadvantage. However, when India’s population is examined as a whole, women are at a disadvantage in several important ways. We should be ashamed that India is ranked 132 for Gender Inequality Index out of 148 countries by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). According to a you tube video where some people asked public about gender equality and its implementation in India, most of the people were straight to the fact that women will not be able to reach the heights of men, here height meant physical strength. Basically interviewing in village areas matters because most of the country is covered with farms and plantings and is the main source of income for rural families. Women are not allowed to take over men in a family. When a man dies in India, and wife is left with her female kids, it is referred that now their would be no one to make their family going. This is the thinking of most of the people around us. Rural women are the most affected by this issue as they do not have rights and are married before they are capable of. Women who try to take actions are also not supported because their female ancestors have been following this since long. Female foeticide is the most buzzing topic in India whereas in foreign countries people even don’t know of the topic. Female foeticide refers to sex-selective abortion, where girls are not allowed to take birth. Then it comes to health and care, here India’s condition is bad for both males and females but here too girls lack in immunisation rates i.e.. 41.7 for girls and 45.3 for boys. Then next comes education where In rural India girls continue to be less educated than the boys India is on target to meet its Millennium Development Goal of gender parity in education by 2015. UNICEF’s measure of attendance rate and Gender Equality in Education Index (GEEI) capture the quality of education.Despite some gains, India needs to triple its rate of improvement to reach GEEI score of 95% by 2015 under the Millennium Development Goals.

Now i would want to brief about some men’s rights where men gets trapped between morality and responsibility. The first example I would want to make is undue advantage of urban city girls in several government and private schools and colleges, where they offer admission to girls if they are girls and no further criteria. Taking another example where girls take undue advantage is metros where they order for seats being a teenager from an old man intact having a separate coach for them and reserved seats in every coach.

Whatever be the condition is current times, but in recent future it is expected from our Indian government that some steps would surely be taken against these barbaric acts and country would be improved.

-Pushpak Chaudhary



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