Have you ever seen a person or a moment that brought up any change in you or in your life? It might be a small change. Fortunately I had experience it, and yes it brought a change in me.

It was a normal day; I was going back to my house I was in the auto and from the start I noticed a person, he was not a poor man but he was from a lower middle class family, he was having a bottle of juice and a veg roll. I noticed him for some time and the thing i noticed and realized was an eye opener to me.

The auto was fully packed and there was hardly any space to sit but that person dint cared about anything he was busy eating his roll, from his expressions and from the way he was eating I get to know that he was very hungry, it seems like he was hungry since morning. People were fighting for their seats but that person was fighting with his hunger. It might be a first meal of his day and his meal meant a lot to him at that time, feeling of satisfaction could be seen from his face easily. I got to know about common people’s hunger.

A man hungry since morning just to save money, that’s ironic man earns for his stomach but his stomach is not always filled. On the other hand there are people like us who spend money on useless things without giving it a second thought. The reason might be anything showing off, buying stuffs that we really don’t need, eating junk food whenever we want in spite knowing the fact that we are not hungry or anything. We are the future of this nation if we will be casual regarding these things, you can simply imagine the future.

While noticing him I recalled my mom saying ‘you get things easily that’s why you don’t value them’ but today I want to say, Mom! I have realized what you wanted me to understand which was to value each and every thing you have.

He was a stranger to me but he taught me the major lesson of life and aspired me know the reality. No teacher could teach us things like this but our own experiences. Ill implement his lesson with the thought which says ‘ NO ONE CAN GO BACK AND MAKE A NEW START BUT ANYONE CAN START FROM NOW AND CAN MAKE A BRAND NEW ENDING.’


By – shubhanshi dimri


5 thoughts on “MOM ! I HAVE REALIZED IT

  1. Just for the shake of article it may be ranked in some other words, but the lesson captured is beautiful and one who all running your age should definitely take a note of it.


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