Music of today

MUSIC OF TODAY ,sounds so mindblowing with all those feet-shaking bass drops and beats. In this era of Trap music and Spinning Records , we all are forgetting about what songs actually are.

Few years ago, there was this time when people used to like and listen to Pop music,Rap,Reggee,Alternative-Rock,Rock,R&B,Electro-Punk . Back then,music and songs were actually good with amazing music and Meaningful  lyrics.  Lets talk about them famous artists and Bands like Phil Collins ,Avril Lavigne,Kellyb Clarkson,Eminem,Nelly,Dr.Dre,Lil Wayne,Bob Marley,All Time Low,In This Moment,The Pretty Reckless,Led Zeppelin,The Doors,Nine Inch Nail, Rihanna, Beyonce,  Chris Brown etc……

They All had one thing in common which artists & music of today don’t actually have it and that is REAL TALENT and Real Music.They have their own music and original deep meaningful lyrics.

Today Artists writes songs in which music is repetitive, and the lyrics involves the same typical situations, like “going to a club tonight”, “let’s get this party started”, or the typical thought that every song has to be about love, falling in love, being in love, or something having to do with love.

I mean c’mon guys get over it . bands like GREENDAY & AVENGED SEVENFOLD  used to write songs about general issues or about peace or Evil Spirits ,demons and Occults etc and the music was freaking awesome with sounds that will make your ear numb and it feels great.

In the end all  im going to say is Don’t listen to that ear hurting beats. There are lots of underground bands of today – and even some mainstream artists that still have the actual depth and talent in their music.



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