Can you be good without God ?

What would you do if you find a wallet on the road ? Will you return it to the person by searching his documents from the wallet or would you keep it for yourself ? Our answer speaks of our morality ; of what we think is the right thing to do .

So morality are the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

Moral principles that govern how we treat ourselves like how we wear, how we worship etc is called personal morality whereas the moral principles that governs how we treat each other is called social morality. How we understand morality is determined by the factors like the environment in which we develop , philosophies and perspective we are exposed to, and our experience with happiness and unhappiness and what we see as the cause for both .

To impose our personal morality on others it requires us to initiate some force against them which violates social morality. Some may consider this as a good trade but we should remember that what we can do to others, others can also do to us.

It is your choice whether you want the law to enforce personal morality or social morality but it can not do both. This even leads to the destruction of morality. For example if we choose politicians to enforce personal morality then we will need to violate social morality by treading on others. But if we restrict law and insist on the enforcement of social morality, then we will retain the right to use persuasion to promote your personal values.

There are several things that are illegal but are thought to be moral for the majority :-

1) consuming alcohol under age

2) driving over the speed limit

3) cheating on a tax return

4) splitting the cable signal to send it to more than one television.

There are also things are immoral but not illegal :-

  • Cheating your partner
  • Using abortion as a birth control measure etc.


I would like to conclude with a line said by Albert Einstein – ‘Morality is of the highest importance – But for us ,not for god.’ And in recent future it is expected that the destruction of morality is avoided.

By – Mukul Paul